March 7, 2023

How do Alloys Buckle?

Buckled alloys can happen much easier than you may think. A buckled alloy can be extremely dangerous to drive on and can cause further damage to your vehicle. 

If your alloys do become buckled, you can get them repaired and refurbished through Alloy Wheel Repair today!

How do you tell if your alloy is buckled?

It is vital that you recognise the signs of a buckled wheel to ensure you are safe while on the roads. 

Some of the most obvious ways you tell you have a buckled wheel are:

  • Dents and bends in the alloy
  • Excessive shaking and vibrating whilst driving
  • Unevenly worn tyres
  • Reduced steering performance 
  • Loss of air pressure

If you’re not sure if your alloy is damaged or not, it’s a good idea to seek professional help who will examine the alloy for you.

Can you drive with a buckled alloy?

We highly recommend that you do not drive on a buckled alloy. Your steering and suspension can be compromised, which could result in a potential road accident. 

Not only this, but driving on a buckled alloy can also cause further damage to your vehicle. 

How do alloy wheels become buckled?

Some of the most common reasons why alloy wheels become buckled include:

  • High kerbs 
  • Poor road conditions 
  • Potholes in the road
  • Speed bumps 

The metals used in alloy are very malleable, which means even the slightest of impact can cause dents and buckling.

If you are looking for stronger wheels, it may be worth considering a different type, such as steel wheels.

Can you fix a buckled alloy wheel?

Yes, buckled alloy wheels can be fixed and repaired by pressing the buckles out of your alloys. 

It’s important you visit professional and experienced specialists as soon as possible, such as our mechanics at Alloy Wheel Repair.

How are buckled wheels repaired?

Mechanics will use specialist machinery and equipment to repair buckled wheels. With the use of hydraulics, the angle or location of the bend or buckle will be reshaped. This is known as alloy wheel straightening.

During this process, mechanics will also check for dents, scratches and cracks. Damage more than just buckling can seriously impact the integrity of the wheel when it is being repaired.

Once straightened, the wheel will be fully checked over ensuring it is aligned correctly with the vehicle requirements.

Learn more about how buckled alloys are repaired in our dedicated guide.

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