March 7, 2023

Can You Drive on a Buckled Alloy Wheel?

Buckling your alloy wheel is easier than you may think, and driving on the damage can cause further damage to your vehicle. 

If your alloys are buckled, you can get them repaired through alloy wheel repair today. 

alloy wheel on grey car

How dangerous is a buckled alloy?

Driving on a buckled alloy is extremely dangerous and it can cause significant damage to your vehicle. 

Buckled alloys can damage your vehicle’s suspension, cause reduced control over your steering and wear down your tyres.

Can you drive with a slightly buckled wheel?

You can drive on a slightly buckled wheel, but it is not advisable. Ideally, you should only be driving on it to take it to a garage to be repaired. 

If you notice your wheel is buckled, you should book it in to be repaired as soon as possible.

What happens if you drive on a buckled alloy wheel?

Buckled wheels can cause damage to your steering, handling and it could even lead to a tyre blowout. 

A noticeable buckled wheel will cause your car to wobble when you drive, and you will likely feel the vibrations through the steering wheel. 

You may also face other problems driving on damaged alloys, as sometimes, buckled alloys can fail an MOT.

How do I know when my alloy is buckled?

There are a few obvious signs to look for when determining whether or not your alloy is buckled, including:

If you think your alloy is buckled but you’re not sure, you should always take it to a garage to be checked out.

When should I get my buckled alloy wheels repaired?

You should get your buckled alloy wheel repaired as soon as you notice it. Leaving your alloy wheel buckled could result in more damage than necessary and may put you and other road users at risk. 

It’s important you visit professional and experienced specialists as soon as possible, such as our partner mechanics at Alloy Wheel Repair.

Should I repair or replace a buckled alloy wheel?

The majority of buckled alloys can be fixed through alloy wheel straightening

Replacing a buckled alloy can be expensive, so your best option would probably be to get it repaired as soon as possible.

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