March 23, 2023

How Many Times Can One Alloy Be Refurbished?

When you’re maintaining your car, you may want to take a close look at your alloys too. After all, your alloys not only affect your car’s appearance, but they help the structural integrity of the car too. 

If you’re thinking of having your alloy wheels refurbished, Alloy Wheel Repair can help you. Our repair and refurbishment services will bring your alloy wheels back to a like-new condition.

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What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel refurbishment is the process of repairing alloy wheels in order to get them back to working order after they have been damaged. 

Alloy wheels can become easily chipped, scratched and damaged simply through day-to-day driving, which is why alloy wheel refurbishment has become a popular method for restoring alloy wheels to their original condition.

What is diamond cutting?

Diamond cutting involves putting an alloy wheel onto a lathe and part, or all, of the painted surface is machined off to leave a shiny ‘diamond’ finish. Very fine lines are created by the process, which you will be able to see if you look closely. 

A small part of the alloy is actually machined off to get this finish. It is then coated with a lacquer to prevent corrosion. 

Not all wheels can be diamond cut, and it will depend on the profile of the face of the wheel.

Is it worth getting alloys refurbished?

Yes, getting your alloy wheels refurbished is worth the money you pay for it, especially if they have substantial damage. 

Whether you’re looking to fix damage, improve the overall appearance or retain the value of your car, getting your alloy wheels refurbished will not only improve the overall appearance of your vehicle, but it will also make them safer to drive on. 

How many times can you refurbish an alloy wheel?

Generally speaking, alloy wheels should only be refurbished two to three times. However, this may vary depending on the overall condition. 

Wheels will need to be treated and assessed on a wheel by wheel basis, since each wheel may have their own problems. 

For example, treating brittle wheels may cause issues when it comes to refurbishment, whereas newer wheels that have minor damage will be easily fixed and will withstand numerous refurbishments.

How many times can you diamond cut an alloy?

There are limitations on how many times you can diamond cut an alloy. This is because each time a wheel goes through the diamond cutting process, the cutting head on the lathe removes a thin layer of metal from the surface. 

At Alloy Wheel Repair, our expert mechanics will advise you with the best solutions for your alloy wheels.

When can an alloy wheel not be refurbished?

Although alloy wheels can usually be refurbished, there are situations when it may be very difficult or impossible for the wheel to be refurbished. 

For example, refurbishment may not be possible if the wheel has too much corrosion on it, it is too severely damaged or it hasn’t been repaired by welding.

How long will a diamond cut finish last?

A diamond cut finish will usually last around two years. It will start to show signs of corrosion much quicker if you frequently drive at high speeds or on uneven surfaces; both of which increase the chances of stone chips and scratches.

What happens if you refurbish an alloy wheel too many times?

If you refurbish an alloy too many times, the wheel can become fragile and prone to more damage. This is because when wheels are refurbished, a thin layer of the metal surface is removed each time. 

If you have your alloy wheels refurbished more than once, it may be time to invest in some new alloys, rather than risking getting the old ones refurbished again.

Cleaning refurbished alloy wheels

The best way to clean your refurbished alloy wheels is to use gentle, metal safe cleaners and shampoos. This way, your alloys will keep their brand new refurbished shine, while staying protected. 

Keep away from using wire wool pads or electric cleaners, as this will scratch the surface of your alloys.

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