Alloy Wheel Wrapping

What is alloy wheel wrapping?

Alloy wheel wrapping is a non-permanent form of alloy refurbishment that allows you to change the look, colour and finish of your alloys.

You won’t need to cut away at the metal like diamond-cutting and the process is done relatively quickly by trained professionals.

Why choose alloy wheel wrapping?

Diamond cutting your alloys can give great results, however, it can be expensive and does cut away small parts of the alloy itself. Instead of this, wrapping your alloys is a great choice for customising your wheels. 

Another option is to repaint over the alloy itself, however, not only is it cheaper to wrap the alloy but it is also better for its overall strength. The original surface of the alloy is covered in vinyl, allowing for an array of customisations to be made and for future protection to the alloy to be guaranteed. 

How long does alloy wheel wrapping take?

The time it takes to wrap your alloys can depend on the demand and availability of the professional at hand. With this in mind, the process can be completed typically the same day, and will generally never take more than two days to complete. 

Your car will be well looked after whilst in the hands of the experts, so there is no need to worry.

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Is wrapping rims a good idea?

Do you want to prolong the life of your alloys and better the overall aesthetics of your car?

Then yes, wrapping your alloys is definitely a good idea. Using vinyl wraps on your alloys protects them from the elements that affect your car when driving around - for instance, damage accumulated from dust, stones chipping away the alloy and UV damage from the sun. 

It is highly recommended from professionals and experts that your alloy wheels should be wrapped and protected as soon as possible to ensure that the original alloy is protected from day 1!

How long will vinyl wrap last on rims?

If the vinyl wrap on the rims are looked after with the correct care and attention and have been applied professionally, then vinyl wraps can last five to seven years and in certain cases, have been seen to last longer. 

One method which has been proven to prolong life is to remove the vinyl wrap at the 4-year stage and then re-apply to the rim.

Can I wrap my alloys myself?

Wrapping your own alloys can be done by yourself, however, it isn’t advised. This is because it is a lengthy process where an array of specialist equipment is needed. 

Our specialists have been doing these jobs for many years and have large amounts of experience, meaning no mistakes will be made. 

Do yourself a favour and instead of spending money on the equipment, spend the money on getting an expert to wrap your alloys.

Alloy wheel wrapping vs diamond cut alloys

When diamond cutting an alloy, a lathe machine is used to precisely cut away a small area of the alloy. Cutting away a small area creates a shiny top layer. This layer is then lacquered, allowing for no corrosion to take place. 

A wrap of an alloy, however, is applied on top of the alloy itself. The wrap acts as the protective layer towards the alloy instead of cutting the alloy away. To replicate a diamond cut look through wrapping your alloys, the common method used is to also wrap the edge of the alloys.

Alloy wheel wrapping options 

There are so many options when it comes to wrapping alloys. Some of these methods include:

  • Vinyl Wrapping
  • Full wheel wrap
  • Edge wrapping
  • Wrapping with vinyl sheets

You can then customise your alloys completely with different colours, patterns and finishes. Just get in touch with our experts and book in today.

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