Alloy Wheel Scratch Repair

The overall aesthetic of your car can be very important, especially to car enthusiasts. One slight scratch upon your alloys can impact this dramatically.

A scratch can be done very easily, whether it’s through getting too close to the curb or done through someone else hitting your vehicle. No matter what, we are here to help with quality alloy wheel scratch repair.

Can you fix scratched alloy wheels?

Scratches on your alloys can be easily fixed. Once repaired, the alloy will look brand new like the scratch was never even there!

Our alloy wheel repair specialists will use high-quality equipment to ensure that your alloy wheels are scratch and scuff-free, and repainted to look as good as new.

How do you repair alloy wheel scratches?

Having your alloys refurbished by our local experts means that the process will be handled with efficiency, precision and care:

  1. The alloy will be firstly sanded down, removing the scratch.
  2. Once the scratch has been removed, the alloy will be painted to match the original colour.
  3. The alloy will then be primed, bringing it back to its pristine condition whilst protecting the paintwork.

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Can I repair scratched rims at home?

Minor scratches along your rims and alloys can be repaired quite simply, however, for the price of buying the sandpaper, the correct colour-coded paint and the primer, it will likely be cheaper to arrange for a professional to do the job. 

As well as better pricing, the finished alloy will be of showroom quality when done by experienced professionals.

Local alloy wheel refurbishment specialists

Alloy wheel repair services have specialists based all over the UK, from up in Scotland to all the way down to Cornwall. 

With the research of the best experts already done through us, it would be a no-brainer to book through us for any of your alloy needs.

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