Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Diamond cut alloy wheels display a luxury, high shine finish that is often associated with high-end vehicles. Many people wish to maintain the luxury aesthetic of a modern car by having this process done, if it didn't already come as standard.

There are a range of alloy wheel customisation and modification services available, but diamond cutting is the most complex process that requires a professional to use specialist equipment to cut down the metal.

What are diamond cut alloy wheels?

Diamond cut alloy wheels are alloys that have had their painted surface removed with CNC machinery to reveal a shiny finish. Complex CNC machinery, operated by a professional, carefully cuts away the thin surface layers of an alloy to create a shiny, luxury finish. A lathe is used to remove existing layers of paint on the alloy before cutting.

Diamond cut alloys are typically associated with prestige and luxury due to high-end car manufacturers using this technique as standard on their vehicles.

What is the difference between alloy wheels and diamond cut alloy wheels?

Standard alloy wheels don’t have a shiny finish, but through alloy wheel modification, they can be painted, wrapped and coated to create a non-standard finish. Diamond cut alloy wheels can only result in a high-shine finish, and you’re less likely to be able to re-colour them afterwards due to the weakened surface.

If you are looking for a particular, luxury aesthetic for your vehicle and want a more natural coloured alloy, then diamond cutting is your best option.

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The diamond cutting process

The diamond cutting process is a relatively complex and detailed one that requires the use of machinery to create the desired finish. In basic terms, the process goes as follows:

  1. Firstly, the alloys are cleaned and any dirt is removed to make sure the following cuts are smooth and even.

  2. The tyres are then removed to ensure an even cut.

  3. The surface is cleared and prepared for cutting using a specialist machine that removes all existing paint and lacquer.

  4. The main diamond cutting process now begins. A CNC machine is used to carefully remove the surface layers of the alloy.

  5. The alloy is then smoothed over and lacquered to protect the finish.

How many times can you recut a diamond cut alloy?

Typically, you can only have an alloy diamond cut between 1 and 2 times. This is due to the fact that diamond cutting requires layers of the metal to be removed which can weaken the metal.

Our alloy wheel technicians may advise a different modification option if they feel that diamond cutting will damage your alloys.

Where can I get diamond cut alloy wheels?

We have local experts available with access to the machinery to diamond cut alloy wheels efficiently. We cover a large range of areas within the North West and throughout the UK, including:

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FAQs about diamond cut alloy wheels

Are diamond cut alloys better?

This depends entirely on your personal preferences. Diamond cut alloy wheels provide a more natural, luxury finish that typically reflects the aesthetics of a standard coloured vehicle.

If you are looking for a more colourful or vibrant pattern for your alloys, you’ll be better off painting, wrapping or powder coating your alloys.

Does a diamond cut finish last?

Diamond cut finishes tend not to last as long as other modification techniques. Damages to alloy wheels, such as scuffs and cracks, may chip the lacquer coating and allow water to seep into the diamond cut layers. This may alter the look of the finish and you may not be able to get it touched up.

If you take good care of your diamond cut alloys, they will last a lot longer. Keeping them lacquered and dirt free will prolong the finish.

How much do diamond cut alloy wheels cost?

Our experts will discuss prices with you when you book in with us. You may need alloy wheel repair services beforehand if our technicians spot any signs of damage that could alter the effect of the diamond cutting.

We always aim to be competitively priced and offer great deals on a large range of alloy wheel customisation services.