Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

Have a busy schedule? Can’t get into a repair shop near you?

Not a problem, book a mobile alloy repair today, choose a time slot and a location and our specialists will visit you directly to help get your alloys back to looking brand new!

How does mobile alloy wheel repair work?

Usually, a car brought in will have the wheels removed from the body of the car and worked on separately, sometimes removing the tyre off of the alloy depending on the overall extent of the damage to the alloy. You are likely to need to leave the car with the repair shop for a few days.

However, during a mobile repair, the car stays on the ground and the wheels stay attached.

  1. The tyre around the damaged alloy is deflated, allowing for the bead attaching the tyre to the alloy to be broken. 

  1. The tyre is then moved back from the edge of the alloy to allow for the outer alloys to be also repaired as these areas are the most dangerous parts to be damaged as it could lead to getting a blown tyre.

  2. Once the alloy has been fully checked for damage and then fixed up, a primer is used to then apply a base coat and colour which perfectly matches the colour before the refurbishment process takes place.

  3. The alloys are then lacquered to guarantee a high quality and professional finish which ensures to keep the alloy intact.

  4. The tyre is then inflated to the correct tyre pressure and fitted back to the alloy.

The repair work has then been completed on your alloy wheel to a showroom level standard.

Should I repair my alloys myself?

Using an alloy wheel repair kit, which can be bought in certain stores, means that there is a possibility that you could repair your alloy wheels yourself. 

An ‘over-the-counter’ alloy wheel repair kit however, will only allow for small repairs to be made and a lack of experience may cause further damage unintentionally. 

If you’re just trying to save a couple of quid doing it yourself, it really isn’t worth it. Our experts through alloy wheel repair are here and at your service with guaranteed, competitive prices!

Local mobile alloy wheel repair specialists

Local mobile repair specialists can be found all over the UK, below are some places we cover within the North West:

  • Bolton
  • Radcliffe
  • Bury
  • Manchester

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Common types of alloy wheel damage

Damage to your alloys can be seen with scrapes, dents, bends, chips and even cracks. These damages are typically done through minor collisions. 

If your alloy wheel does become damaged, there is no need to panic as through Alloy Wheel Repairs, we can fit you in at your home or workplace and get you back on the road in no time at all.

You can learn more on the types of damages to alloys and the usual cause in our dedicated blog.

How long does alloy wheel repair take?

Our specialists can often fix up your alloy/s within 1-2 hours. The overall duration of a repair job does, however, depend on the extent of the damage to the alloy. 

With this in mind, we can almost guarantee that your car will be back in your hands the same day.

Do I need to repair damaged alloy wheels?

Damaged alloys not only put you at harm when driving your car, but also, everyone else on the roads as well. 

One of the main dangers of driving on a damaged alloy is that it can cause the tyre to blow out. Depending on where you are driving when this happens, it could prove very serious to yourself and other drivers. 

Mobile alloy wheel repair benefits

The main benefit for mobile alloy wheel repair is that it is done on your schedule and not when the chosen repair shop can fit you in. 

With the fast pace of modern day life, using a mobile alloy wheel repair service, the refurbishment process of your previously damaged alloys can be quicker and also is much cheaper then replacement. 

Another reason why mobile repair is popular is that it is far less hassle than trying to get your (potentially damaged) vehicle and alloys to a garage. Let us come to you and repair your alloys at your home, workplace or other safe space.

How do I maintain my alloy wheels?

Maintaining an alloy wheel is a simple process which can save you a lot of money in the long run! 

Once a good quality alloy cleaner has been purchased, you can proceed to remove all the picked up grime and brake dust along the way. These elements can actually start to remove the lacquered layer which then can quicken the process of your alloys becoming damaged, so it is crucial that you take care of recently repaired alloys.

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