Alloy Wheel Painting

Painting of an alloy wheel, using the correct paint, can help to prevent damage and prolong the life of your alloys. 

Not only can it allow you to express your favourite styles, but painting your alloys can also increase the overall value of your car if done professionally.

What is alloy wheel painting?

Alloy wheel painting is the use of specialist paint to prevent damage towards your alloys and prolong the life expectancy of your alloys whilst also improving the aesthetics of your car in a stylish and unique way. 

Once a smooth coating of paint has been applied, the paint will actually repel debris, oil and other factors which cause corrosion to your alloys.

How long does alloy wheel painting take?

Painting alloys is typically completed same-day, or for more complex paints, never usually more than 2 days. Booking ahead of time will allow for a much quicker turnaround.

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How long do painted alloys last?

The amount of time that the finished paint will last for depends on the condition of the wheels prior to application. 

To ensure long-lasting painted alloys, your alloys will be checked over to make sure that they are in the best quality before getting painted. Once this is done, with proper care and attention, painted alloys can last for twelve months.

What type of paint is used for painting alloy wheels?

The paint used depends on what type of metal the alloy is; different paints are needed for steel, aluminium and magnesium alloys. 

There will be three layers needed, first a primer. The second layer will then be a specific spray paint which is designed for alloys and for the specific metal. 

Finally, a clear coat finish will then be applied.

The alloy wheel painting process

  1. Tyres are first checked over and cleaned to ensure no prior damages before painting.
  2. Wheels are taken off the car to ensure a full covering of paint.
  3. Primer is then applied to the wheels – 2 layers of primer is needed. No substance is ever sprayed onto a wet surface.
  4. A basecoat is then applied – 3 layers of the basecoat are applied.
  5. 2 layers of clear coat are then applied once the base coat has fully dried.

Can you paint your own alloys?

It is very possible to paint your own alloys. You will need three to four base coat spray paint cans, one to two glossy paint cans and one to two primer cans, then finally, wheel cleaner. 

The wheels will also have to be removed and then put back once finished. 

The cost for all the products and the cost to realign the tires once they are going back onto the car will be very similar to the price of hiring a professional to do the job for you. 

As there are multiple risks that could occur whilst painting your own alloys, and very minimal with the use of a professional, there is not much need for you to do this job yourself.

Alloy wheel painting vs powder coating

Instead of painting alloys, a common alternative technique is powder coating. Powder coating can be cheaper and more environmentally friendly. 

A high quality finish can also be achieved through powder coating as the substance does not run and can be applied thicker. Painted alloys can become damaged a lot easier than alloys that have a powder coating. 

You do have a few more options with painting however, and the process tends to be simpler. The choice is typically personal preference.

Alloy wheel painting options

  • Matching the bodywork with the alloys
  • Highlighting rims
  • Matte, satin or semi-gloss lacquer
  • Chrome effect finish
  • Polished rims