Alloy Wheel Customisation and Modification

Alloy wheels are rapidly becoming the norm on modern cars and are featured as standard due to their increase in performance, lower costs and opportunity for customisation. Many people will experience alloy wheel damage and seek a repair. Our expert service providers offer alloy wheel repair to restore alloys back to their original condition. So, what about changing their look entirely?

Through a range of modern techniques and using only the highest quality equipment, we can help match your alloys to your car’s aesthetic with a range of finishes from shiny and glossy to bold and matte.

Professional Alloy Wheel Customisation

We’ll only ever have trusted, local experts who are experienced and confident in great alloy wheel customisation, working on your vehicle. Simply discuss what modification options you’d like, and we can get to work.

We always ensure that the work we do to your alloys is well protected and will last through harsh weather conditions and rough terrains. We’ll also let you know what you can do at home to keep your newly modified alloys in great condition.

You’ll find lots of useful guides and tips on our blog, so you can read about alloy wheel modifications in more detail.

What alloy wheel customisation services do you offer?

We offer a range of customisation services for alloy wheels. We always start by assessing any damage and dealing with that first off. If there is no damage, we begin by cleaning up the alloys ready for modification.

The most common types of alloy wheel customisation we offer include:

  • Alloy Wheel Powder Coating 
  •  Alloy Wheel Painting
  • Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Alloy Wheel Wrapping

Book your alloy wheel customisation

Our local experts are ready to help customise and modify your alloy wheels to exactly how you’d like them. Simply get in touch or fill out our online form to find your nearest professional.We cover a range of areas, including:

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Alloy wheel customisation FAQs

Here we answer common questions we get regarding alloy wheel customisation and how our services work:

How much does alloy wheel customisation cost?

As alloy wheel customisation covers a broad range of services, prices may differ. We will communicate overall costs with you once we’ve discussed what customisations you’d like.Your customisation cost will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • What method of customisation you want
  • How detailed the process is
  • Whether there is any existing damage to be fixed
  • Whether you’d like additional priming and protection for your newly customised alloys

How long do alloy wheel modifications take?

Similarly to the above, due to alloy wheel modifications using a large range of techniques and methods, each will vary in time. Some methods are relatively quick processes, such as simple painting.

Other methods, such as diamond cutting, require machinery to cut a layer from the alloys, so more time will be required to get this right. No matter what process you’ll need to fulfil your customisation requests, we’ll discuss timescales with you throughout.

Can you repair my alloy wheels before they are customised?

Yes, we can repair your alloy wheels before we make any customisations or purely aesthetic modifications. It is important that we ensure that the alloys we customise are in a good enough condition to withstand the process anyway, so we are more than happy to price in a repair beforehand. 

Get in touch with us today to book in your professional, high-quality alloy wheel customisation and modification.