About Us

Alloy wheel repairs are, unfortunately, a common necessity in a day to day life. As there are a very small number of places to go to to ensure great quality and trustworthy work, Alloy Wheel Repair was set up in 2021 to be here for you when you need us most. 

Here, we work with only the best experts from all over the UK, from Northumberland all the way to Cornwall, who we know are trustworthy whilst also offering the best competitive pricing for the repair you need. 

With us having experts all over the UK, it means that you are never further than a short drive to getting your alloys repaired in the most professional way.

Through alloy wheel repair services, we offer a vast array of repairs, refurbishment and alloy modification options. Our chosen experts are able to do all of this and more, with professionalism and efficiency in mind at all times. 

Damage to your alloys is always a worry, but with the professionals available through Alloy Wheel Repair, there is very little they can’t do. Cracks and bends to your alloys are not a problem here as they can be easily recifited.

We’re always available to help, with support for car hobbyists and enthusiasts as well as for general repairs, as we also provide options for customisations and modifications such as powder coating, diamond cut alloy wheels and wrapping the alloy itself.

Services we offer: