Alloy Wheel Repair Blackpool

Alloy wheels on your car can be easily damaged, whether that’s scratched, scraped or dented. Not only does this make the car look bad, it also weakens the alloy which is a cause of concern when driving.

If you do damage your alloy wheels, there is no need to panic. With professional alloy fixing technology and experts located in Blackpool, we will have you back on the road with perfectly fixed alloys in no time, along with providing it all for a great, competitive price!

Alloy wheel experts in Blackpool

Local alloy refurbishment partners in Blackpool will provide efficient and professional care using new technology, such as CNC machines, to ensure that your alloy wheels are fixed perfectly. 

Here at alloy wheel repair, we make sure that our partners are selected with great confidence that they will only provide the best care to your alloys.

Areas of Blackpool we cover

Our professional, friendly team of wheel repair experts are based in the centre of Blackpool. Being based in the town centre means that we’re easy to get to from local areas, such as: 

  • Bispham
  • Stanley Park
  • Squires Gate
  • Hawes Side
  • Great Marton

How many cars are there in Blackpool?

Currently, in Blackpool, there are 60,214 registered cars on the road. This is why it is in our best interest to provide a trustworthy site to find great partners to bring you the best quality in repairing your alloys.

Alloy Wheel Repair Services

In Blackpool, there are multiple alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services. These services provide our local customers with assurance that no matter what damage has been done, it can be fixed. Some of the services we supply are:

Different types of damage to an alloy require a different approach to make the repair.  Different technology may be needed for certain damage, or even an alternative specialist.

At Alloy Wheel Repair, we will make sure that you can find the right type of repair and the right specialist to ensure that your alloys are fixed professionally. 

Alloy Wheel Customisation Services

Alloy wheel customisation and modification is a common request. Many customers enjoy customising and modifying their cars. With services local to Blackpool, your wants and needs to change the aesthetics of your car through your alloys will most certainly be met. Below are some of the modifications that we offer:

  • Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Alloy Wheel Powder Coating
  • Alloy Wheel Painting
  • Alloy Wheel Wrapping

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