July 11, 2022

Is it worth getting your alloys refurbished?

We think that it is 100% worth getting your alloys refurbished as driving on damaged alloys can put unnecessary strain on your car, potentially leading to future damage and costing you more. Refurbishing your alloys can also retain or increase the overall value of your car.

Refurbishment of alloys can be quite expensive, but, through us here at Alloy Wheel Repair Services, we provide only the best for great, competitive prices.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel refurbishment consists of repairing and neatening up a full alloy, to produce a brand-new look once the process is finished. 

With alloy damage being easily done, it is very common to see refurbishment of the alloy as a whole after repairs to get them back to looking brand-new once again.

Is it worth getting your alloy wheels refurbished?

Driving on a damaged alloy is not only a danger to you and your passengers but also to pedestrians and other drivers. 

If an alloy is scratched, dented or bent, there is a possibility that the tyre can come loose from the alloy – depending on what you are doing when this happens, an accident is imminent. So, for your health and others, alloy refurbishment is worth it. 

If you’ve had a few ‘curbed’ moments throughout your time with your car and you’re looking to sell it on, refurbishing your alloys could help to increase the overall value of your car. 

How long does the alloy wheel refurbishment process take?

In some cases, alloys undergoing refurbishment can be returned within the same day, however, this does depend on how in-demand the garage is and also the overall damage on the alloy. 

With all of this in mind, alloy wheel refurbishment typically takes a few hours.

How many times can an alloy be refurbished?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on multiple factors. For instance, it depends upon the overall strength and integrity of the alloy being refurbished. 

The average time an alloy can be refurbished is approximately 1 to 2 times. Even though this number is low, it is still worth it to refurbish your alloys as it can be more expensive to purchase brand new alloys instead of repairing.

Risks of not refurbishing your alloys

  • The resale value of your car will likely be less if you have scuffed alloys.
  • Scratches and scuffs in alloys expose the metal to the elements, potentially causing rust.
  • If your alloys are not up to standard when your car is needed to go for its MOT, then the car will likely fail. 

The overall aesthetics of your vehicle will be affected if your alloys look distressed. Damaged alloys also expose your car to unwanted, extra strain, such as the engine or the steering ability of the car. 

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