Alloy Wheel Repair London

Alloy wheels can be easily damaged and alter the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. Damages to your alloys can also weaken the metal, creating unsafe driving conditions particularly when on loose road surfaces.

We’re here to reassure you that your alloys can be fixed efficiently to a high standard by our local experts in London. If you are looking for a specialist to repair your damaged alloy wheels, we’re here to help.

Alloy Wheel Experts in London

Our refurbishment partners use the latest in Alloy repair technology, including the very latest CNC machines, to help achieve a perfect finish. 

We carefully select our partners at Alloy Wheel Repair Services to make sure they provide the best repair and refurbishment processes along with great customer service.

How many cars are there in London?

With 1,434,558 cars registered in London, the city needs a great alloy repair service. Our experts are local and ready to take your booking today.

Alloy Wheel Repair Services

We offer a range of alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services in London to our customers, fixing all types of damages with professional equipment and precision. We often see and repair particular types of damages, such as:

Each type of repair requires different equipment, skills and technology. A crack, for example, will need to be cleaned, filled, sanded down, repainted and lacquered. A scuff may only have to be buffed out and painted over.

No matter the extent of your alloy wheel damage, we’ll have a specialist available locally to repair it with ease.

Alloy Wheel Customisation Services

Many people enjoy spending time on their vehicles and customising them to fit their aesthetics. Alloy wheel customisation and modification is a popular option for car enthusiasts as it allows alloys to be altered in a large range of ways.

Our specialists offer the main modification services:

You can discuss with our specialists what kind of customisation options are available and what finish you’re after for your alloys - we can then get you booked in and create your desired alloys.

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